Ideal Home Music Library News

Recording for the Ideal Home Music Library, Vol. 2 begins this weekend. Yes, I'm all a flutter trying to get all of the equipment and personel ready for the event. Then we'll haul it all over to Jenny Conlee's house and start twiddling the knobs. It should only take one weekend to get the takes right. Our original idea is to record all of Jenny's piano tracks, and then overdub my vocals later. Some songs may merit both of us performing together. I'm looking forward to getting the piano stuff on "tape" at any rate. These little songs sound really nice on a real piano, played by a real person. I'll maintain a little recording journal for the blog starting on Friday, so tune in!

Also, I've begun work on the album art design as well as all the composer biographies and the like. I'd also like to announce that an Ideal Home Music Library podcast is in the works. We'll have interviews with myself and Dr. Middling, sheet music, discussions, and free songs for people to download. It should be quite fun.

This summer, I aquired a box set of Beethoven's complete works. I vowed to listen to every note of it over the summer. I'm almost through it all. It took me about two months to get through the whole thing. Right now as I type this I'm listening to his Violin Sonata, Op. 23. Listening to all of this Beethoven has given me many ideas for the Ideal Home Music Library, Volume 3. For this volume, I'd like to do string quartet and voice, kind of like Elvis Costello's Juliette Letters album. We'll see what happens. It's a long way off, seeing as how Volume 2 isn't even out yet, but I've already got a few song ideas down, including a melody for a song called I Can Hear It All Now. I'll keep you posted on developments, of course. More later.