In addition to my work in pop music, I've been writing for musical theater as well! Check out the projects I have going.


Summerhaven is an upcoming musical about a radical free school where an esoteric teacher named Marcus, trained in the movement- and music-based Lotus Flower Method of educating children, has a crisis of faith after Herr Fein is recruited by the local Board of Education to straighten up the school. You can download my rough outline here.

Happy Valley

 Just recently I completed the music and lyrics for a play called Happy Valley with book by Rich Rubin. It's a musical comedy set in a hospice facility, where the elderly patients, as a farewell-to-the-world gesture, conspire to get a young couple together. Here you can download the final book and score. Or, you can listen to the demos on the Happy Valley page.


Success! is the musical I wrote back in 2008, is about two mismatched foster brothers--one a slovenly painter and one a scheming socialite--who fake the painter's death in order to make money off his paintings. Success! made the third round of selections at the National Music Theater Conference two years in a row (2013 and '14). In celebration of the fact that we'll be doing a table reading soon and entering the play into Portland's Fertile Ground Festival this year, I thought you might like to check it out. Here you can download the book, score, and demos. I'll have the demos up soon. Also, I'm developing a web comic version of the show over at

We had a successful table reading of the play on August 30th, 2015 at my new house in the 'burbs. Some fantastic actors came and read with me. I played the part of Nicholas, while Mike Arsenault played Gregory, Paige McKinney played Nora, Julianne Nelson played Amanda and Julie, David Mitchum-Brown played Charles and Gazlay, and David Loftus played Timothy and Mikey. We had a marvelous time. Now, I'm writing an abbreviated version of the play for the Fertile Ground Festival. Wish me luck!


This is a 10-minute musical that I wrote based on a short film from Grammar School Pictures, which you'll find over on the films page. I submitted the play to Portland's 4x4 Musicals festival run by the inimitable Mark LaPierre. Here you can download the libretto, the score and check out the demo.


I turned a song from the Ideal Home Music Library into a 10-minute musical. It's a short play based on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. It's a work in progress, but I though I'd put it up here anyway. Here you'll find the book and the score.