Hi and welcome to my little blog. If you don't know me, my name is Mike. I write songs and things. I created this blog because lately I've been having a bit of trouble with writer's block. Perhaps it's the summer weather (or perhaps its the Playstation). Perhaps it's the fact that my summer job doesn't allow me much time to think about music. Regardless, I thought one way to...erm...unblock (aside from unplugging the Playstation) might be to make a journal of my creative musings. You know, whenever I come up with a song idea, or discover something significant to do with music making, I could write it down somewhere and have it to refer to when I get stuck. I used to do this a lot when I was doing Reclinerland alone, before it grew into a band and split into Parks & Recreation. Now I'm alone again, so I'm back to keeping a journal. Only, one of the attractive prospects of writing my thoughts on a blog instead of in a little book is that I can have people post feedbackand give me other ideas, etc. I'm hoping that will help. My larger goal is just to get myself thinking about things. If I can immerse myself in thoughts about making music, things will get moving. I'm not just going to post entries about music, though. I've been working on a film with my friends at Grammar School Pictures, so there will be some stuff about that. I just figure anything creative I do feeds everything else creative I do, so it should all be included. Ambitious? Yes. So welcome to my blog! Please post replies if you're interested. I welcome and comments you might have. More later!