I'll Be Here All Week

We had a great time filming this morning. I got my four hours sleep, per my last post, and biked over to the Basement, where loads of extras were sitting around the front of the bar waiting for all the equipment to get set up. After a bagel and some repairs to my shirt, we were off. We were all feeling really good, I think. The two weeks off did wonders. It was fun to feed Joe the lines during his angle shots and goof around during takes. I forgot how exciting it all is. There was one funny point when the necessity arose to record an audio track of the pinball machine. Well, one of the extras who appears in almost every bar scene, Payam, got up and started playing the pinball machine, and everyone on the set was silent while he played. I stood there in the middle of the room pointing a microphone at the machine. We only needed a couple of minutes of noises, but Payam wasn't aware of this. So he played pinball while everyone in the room sat stock still, glued to the sounds. You should have seen some of the looks on everyone's faces: eyeballs goggling at the ceiling, hypnotized by the dinging and cha-chinging of the machine. It was like time stood still. In the whole world the only sound was that of Payam playing an Addams Family pinball machine. He was doing pretty well, getting bonuses and all, keeping the ball in play. And then somewhere, from a far off galaxy way in the distance comes Matt Knapp's voice: "You can LOSE anytime now, Payam."

I felt really comfortable with my body this time around. Sometimes on off days when a camera is pointed at you, you kind of freeze up. You're hyper aware of every single movement of your body, of the position of each body part, down to the last hair follicle. You feel a bit like you're sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool. That was not the case with me this morning. I felt loose, like there was no camera. I was listening to Joe, playing with the lines, having fun in the bar with him again. It was nice. Then we did a little walk out of the bar. Gerry, the film's DP, had rigged up this cool little dolly out of a slab of carpeted plywood, some strategically angled skateboard wheels, and two long pieces of PVC piping. I thought we were shooting an episode of McGyver! (I'll be here all week!) No, but seriously folks, what a day of filming! Oy, Gevalt!

And then, a different cha-ching, that of the punch clock, pulled me back into reality. My next post will probably be about the music again, because I intend to get some of that done either tomorrow or early next week.

More later.