All over

So much to smile about. I don't know about you, dear reader, but this little guy is feeling all Christma-whisma-whissmissy. It's all tinsel and tingle here in the suburbs. Everything is all ding dong dingly. You really can't imagine, and I can't describe how delightful the Land Rovers and Hummers look sailing around with smiles across thier glinty grills. It's like a 24-hour open all night parade! It's like a spicy big bite bonanza! We're all tim-tim tumbly wumbly down here in California. Really. So Hip Hip Horrannukah and Happy Christy missy mismas!

Hey, I passed my juries. Hooray! There was a bit of hesitation on the part of my professors as I sat on the piano bench and began to play. In fact, when I first walked in, Darrell Grant, the department head, said to the others "Well, gentlemen, what are we going to do about the Mike Johnson dilemma?" Wow. How many people can say they have a dilemma named after them? And by a famous pianist, no less? Not many, I'll wager. The dilemma that he was speaking of was the problem of how to squeeze me through the rediculous new level change requirements that the PSU music department put in place last term before I took my juries. In the end, I played really well, and they agreed that I should move on to the next level. I played a piece by Debussy called Des Pas Sur La Niege, a solo piano arrangement of But Not For Me and My Romance, and a transcription. After But Not For Me, one of the professors asked me "Is that a transcription?" Which felt very nice, because when I told him it was my own arrangement, his little fuzzy eyebrows went up a bit. I did an eyebrow raising performance, in other words. So, after a few administrative wranglings, I'll be officially at the level I need to graduate. That means I get to do a recital! You're all invited. Please come. I'm going to make cookies and get the whole band in there to play. It's going to be a gas.

So during the break I've been working really hard on songs. I've done songs for Parks & Recreation, and for Reclinerland's IHML vol. 2. Since this is supposed to be a creative blog, I'm going to post some thoughts about the songs and about my process pretty soon. I'm overdue for a little bit of inspiration. Right when school finished for the holidays I wrote lots, and then as Christmas approached, bringing food, presents, joy, presents, travel, Jesus, presents and everything, I slacked a bit. So this blog will officially switch back to being a creative tool starting next post.

For now I just wanted to tell everyone the news. I passed my juries and am feeling jing jang jingly all over!