It's Official

I'm officially the worst blogger ever. It's been so long since my last post. But I suppose the fact that I'm such a bad blogger is made up for by the fact that I'm such a good student. Yay! I've been very busy in school. You see, I'm trying to graduate this Spring, so I have some loose ends to tie up. Also, Parks & Recreation have been very busy. This weekend is our CD release party. We're bringing up our friend Chris from California to play guitar, since Jason is no longer in the group. We've also done some horn arrangements, and Kaitlyn Ni Donovan is going to join us as well. I'm so looking forward to it. Except that I got sick earlier this week.

In creative news, Il Est Calme has changed to Il Fait Calme, and there are some interesting lyric changes as well. I finished the lyric a week ago, corrected the French grammar, and added a little tagline "Il n'y a pas d'amour heureaux" at the end. Now I have to begin work on another song for the IHML 2 entitled What Were The Chances. That one's coming up. In between all that, I'm working on my recital program. I have to do a half hour of music, including a classical piece, a trio piece, and some solo piano arrangements. So, I'm going to model my recital after Moussourgsky's Pictures at an Exibition.
Pictures at an Exibition is made up of little piano pieces written after certain paintings in an exhibition Moussourgsky visited. A little Promenade appears in various forms throughout the piece. So, I'm going to play the opening promenade from Pictures at an Exibition in various arrangements throughout my recital. I thought I could do some different arrangements of the Promenade melody. Some could be very classical-esque, and some could be jazzy. Then I'm going to do Break Into Song! at the end of the recital, bringing in all the horns and strings from the record. It's going to be a cavalcade of musical love! You're all invited.

Anyway, I'm off to practice. I hope you're all doing well.