Ladies, PLEASE!

Okay, I know this isn't supposed to be a personal blog, but I have to tell everyone that this afternoon I got a voice mail message from a girl I hung out with twice, like, a MONTH ago (just as friends, though she did tell me she'd heard I was a good kisser), explaining to me why she couldn't date me. She said something like, "not to sound arrogant, but I got a vibe from you that you were interested, etc." This after a month. And we only hung out twice. Well, I got the hint ages ago. I mean, after flaking out on me once, she just didn't call back. AND, by the way, I had forgotten all about it. There was really no need to leave me a 15 minute voicemail delineating the reasons why she "isn't in the headspace right now to be seeing anyone, etc. etc." I suppose it's nice that she called, you know, to clear the air and all, in the name of honesty and everything, but um, the air was already clear, and now I feel bad about it all over again. So then she invited me to her Birthday party, making me feel worse. Rejection, then invitation? How confusing is that? That's like the kid on the playground who always gets picked last for football getting invited to the team captain's house for celery sticks and peanut butter later. Um, no thanks. By the way, this will be her 30th Birthday, not her 20th, so she has no excuse.

Ladies, Please. It's not funny anymore. I already have more than enough material for new songs. Do you want me to become a punk rocker or something? Grrr.