Up Late With a Bottle of Mineral Water and Some Crackers and Cheese

Last night, while the cars slushed back and forth across Stark St. outside my window, I busily penned (well, mouse clicked) almost the entire orchestra part for the Parks & Recreation song Tomorrow Never Lives Forever. I got home, hung up my jacket, sat down to write, and didn't wake up until I hit the double bar line. It was easier this time in part because I'd already had a lot of the string melodies in my head since the song was written two years ago. It was also easier because, unlike in Don't Get Caught Up In Your Dreams, there was a context for what I was writing. In other words, I could just write in a disco style. To get ideas, I listened to a lot of Rick James, Barry White, and even some Divine Comedy. I went for light, long lines in the strings and short, quick fills in the brass. It was really fun. Oh, but it's far from finished. I have to spend the rest of the week editing what I wrote. I just wanted to mention that I had a really good session last night. Up late with a bottle of mineral water and some crackers and cheese. Is there more to life?

I've been thinking that it would be fun to start up a new thread to the blog. If I can get the technology together, I'd like to write a new song every week, to be begun on Monday and posted on Friday. I could go back to my old style: acoustic guitar driven songs. I can record them and put them up on a special page where you'll be able to see the lyrics and download the songs. In this way, I can keep my songwriting up, while alleviating the pressures of putting out CDs, which is expensive, time consuming, wasteful, and, which, frankly, is becoming increasingly difficult to afford. What do you think? Shall I try it? I'll let you know in a week or two if I have the time or the nerve. In the meantime, did you see the little film we made?