You oughta be in pictures...

The latest film projects from Grammar School Pictures are coming to fruition, ladies and gentlemen. The film "Almost Everything" which we filmed in 2005 will be screening on April 27th. Go to the Grammar School Pictures blog for details (link on your right). Also, there are some tidbits about a new project that we did earlier this month on the Grammar School Pictures blog as well.

In the meantime, I'm working hard on some new songs. I really am in earnest about the new song a week thing. I'll keep you, erm, posted.

Tonight I'm posting from a bar two blocks away from my apartment. Two hipsters are dancing ironically by the jukebox to Madonna's Dress You Up In My Love. The boy has the obligatory blue hoodie, messy hair, tight dickie pants, and adidas black and white kicks. He's not smiling, but doubtless his lady thinks he's sexy. It's time I made my exit before things get ugly.

More later!