Oh no! Writer's Block!

Man. It's happening. I've tried for a week now to write some new songs, but nothing comes out. I'm getting really discouraged. I have a few subjects in mind that I'd like to write about, but notihng happens when I sit down. All I end up with after hours of work is maybe three lines. One should be able to sit down and write a new song. I mean, it's hard work, but you should at least be able to get something out. Lately I can't think of a thing. I started to write a song called 35. It's the first of a new collection of pop songs. This is as far as I've got:

a boy and his lover lay lips to lips
with the sea crashing in on the shore she
collapses a yellow white hand in his
and asks "How many have come before me?"

stretching his memory for a true reply
with the sea crashing in on the shore he
settles on a number like thirty five
and she turns in agony toward the gray sea

how does it feel to know that over the course of your life
you've seen the love light die
in thirty five pairs of eyes?

seventy thighs clutching your waist
seventy eyes touching and tasting
this was your life: what a waste
thirty five!

five hundred twenty five ribs almost crack
three hundred fifty nails down your back
millions of jibes you can never retract
thirty five!

seventy lips, thousands of teeth
letting secrets slip they bound you to keep
your little life is rounded by people you sleep with
thirty five!

So you can see that it's absolute shit. The thing is, when i used to write this kind of personal, confessional pop song, I just wrote off the top of my head. That's one way to do it, but the results for the listener were cryptic at best. I even listen to some of those old songs and have no idea what I was writing about. Now, I'm trying to be absolutely clear about what I'm saying. The mess you see above is not only unclear, but it sounds cheezy and contrived. I don't know what to do about it. I guess I should just scratch it and start over. But the writer's block funk has me. My mind is blank. It's time to try all those little tricks you read about: just do one little ditty a day and see what comes out. You know, the kinds of things writers do.

My famous friends all complain that they feel all kinds of pressure to write new songs. Their process is hampered by looming deadlines, recording budgets, all of that. I think that's a load of crap. I have no sympathy. You know, one of the reasons I'm having such a hard time is because I have no idea if this stuff will ever come out. I have no money for a studio, no deadlines, no budget, heck, judging by the $35 royalty checks and the amount of people who look at this blog, I don't even have an audience. So what am I doing it for? Myself? Fine. But what fun is that? If I had a record company paying me to write songs for them, that would only light a fire underneath me to get them done, and done the best I can, you can be sure. Plus, it's extremely validating to know you have lots of people out there connecting to your music. You can play for them, not yourself. That's the point, isn't it? Playing for them. Who am I playing for? That question is holding me back, I think.

In the meantime, the Ideal Home Music Library songs are sounding better and better. Jenny's got them under her fingers pretty much, and things are coming along nicely. Also, the orchestral music for Parks & Recreation is underway. We have musicians selected, now it's just a matter of scheduling. The guitar overdubs are done. It's all moving along swimmingly.

So, current projects are moving smoothly, while new projects are dying before they leave the gate. Ah well.