I finished the song Silhouettes this evening. Here is the finished lyric:

Matt and I saw a spaceship.
We watched it creep across the sky.
From the weak porch light we traced the faint blip
Safe in our sleeping bags outside.
We talked of UFOs and Bigfoot
Until we closed our eyes.
Soon I was dream-interrupted
And I awoke sometime in the middle of the night.

I raised my head to look around me.
Roughly twenty yards away
Stood a silhouette looking down at me
By the garbage cans in the alleyway.
I just froze staring at that shadow,
Who seemed to be watching as we lay.
Wondering who else had seen our spaceship,
We called the radio station the very next day.

Then we talked all morning about our evening
But I never mentioned my shadow man.
Ten years later, Matt confessed to me
He'd never sleep outside again.

I decided again, in the spirit of writing in nouns and verbs, to cut any extra adjectives or descriptive language. So the word "moonless" didn't make it in to the final draft.

Now I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow I start work on a new song called Laynee. We'll see how it goes.