Well Oiled

Thanks to the expert advice of some of my compatriots in the field of writing, I scrapped my last post and gutted the first scene of my play. I've discovered that this blog is actually hindering me in that department, because it's causing me to think about the process too much. For this initial stage, as my good friend Matt advised, I should just be writing. So A few days ago I sat down and started doing just that. Now things are cooking along. When I get to the editing stage, I might blog again about the play, but until then, no thinking, just writing.

So, other than that I'm working steadily on A Common Pornography. I came up with a really nice melody for a song called Mayfair. It's about two kids who keep going into the restroom of the market across the street to look at porn. That's the stuff poetry is made of, I can tell you. Also, I'm almost finished with the vocals on the Parks & Recreation album, which I CAN NOT WAIT for you to hear. It's going to be awesome. Finally, I'm in the process of getting the final piano track laid down for the Ideal Home Music Library, Volume 2. This is going to be a big year for me in terms of musical output. I hope you stay tuned!

By the way, does anyone know where I can find the books, not the music, but the books to broadway musicals? I keep finding the soundtrack recordings, but I want the entire script. I've been looking at opera librettos, and I have a Gilbert & Sullivan book, but I'd like to get some more modern musicals to look at. If you have any ideas, please contact me!

More later!