We're back...again...

It's the damndest thing, but you know when you fail to pay for things, someone takes them away from you. I can attest that it is true. And so can you if you've been trying to visit the site or the blog the last few days. But on to more pleasant topics.

Rest assured that the Parks & Recreation album is not dead in the water. It lives. And although it may seem like we're sitting on our hands, it is not true. In fact, we just finished overdubbing the strings and horns, and everything sounds fantastic. Next up is the vocals, then a little mixing, a little mastering, and voila, it'll be pumping through your head in no time. Just get through the summer, if you can, and we'll be there shortly.

In the meantime, you have so much to look forward to, and so do I. The last post helped me tremendously to loosen the crossed wires in my brain a little, and so the characters are almost all fleshed out for the musical. I only have two left to fill in, and then I'll be able to put them on the stage and see what happens. You may think this is a roundabout approach, but I tell you it's amazing. I can see everything taking shape even as I sit and imagine who these people are. Every little detail of their past lives is important, and it's incredible how things are lining up to justify my choices. I'll give you an example. I told you earlier how I'd picked star signs for each of the characters, trying to create opposing relationships. But then, when I examined each character, I found that the star signs I picked at random actually give them the exact qualities I'd envisioned in the beginning. I know it seems like it isn't a coincidence, because it's all happening in my own brain, but that's what's so interesting about the writing process: it doesn't feel like I'm doing any of it. It feels like I'm sitting around waiting for something to happen to me. But anyway now I have Nicholas, a charming, foppish, dandy, extravagant, flamboyant, energetic, manipulative, ruthless social butterfly (an Aries) set opposite Gregory, a brooding, self-loathing, insecure, independent, sensitive layabout (a Cancer), plus two more characters. And those initial vague decisions about their personality type helped me to fill in their personal histories. I was able to start from that broad sketch and flesh out their histories in pursuit of the question "Why are they that way?" It's an amazing process, writing. You should try it if you haven't already. It's really cool. It's hard work and a real stretch of the imagination inventing people, but it's a fun challenge.

Also, I've got six songs for A Common Pornography, and counting. So you see? We're back...again!