Or Roses

I have been thus far unable to get a recording of Up On The Orange Moon due to my lack of technological prowess. I don't have any of the necessary equipment (including a piano!), and therefore must rely on friends for tech support. Thankfully, I have really talented and generous friends. So as soon as humanly possible, my friend Scott -- Super XX Man is his musical moniker-- will "engineer" a session with me. He's also donating the use of his piano and living room for the cause. I'll also need a piano player. Please don't ask me "Can't you play it??" because the answer is embarrassing. You see, I could play it, but for some people, there is a difference between being able to "play" a piece, and having the technical acumen to interpret it well. Besides, in order for me to play it I'd have to practice it for, like, weeks. And I have so much to practice for already in the coming weeks that I'd prefer to just find someone who's a good reader, which would free me up to sing it, even though the singer eventually will be female. My friend Ali is a great reader. And there is another Ali who I have in mind, dare to dream, to sing it.

In the meantime, I went back to it in order to recopy it for my potential players, when I discovered that the lyrics I'd written really blew. So I reworked them. I like these lyrics slightly better, but at this point I think perhaps I'm thinking about them too much. There comes a point in a creative endeavor when you just give up on process and go with it. Make the mistakes you're going to make, just finish what it is you're working on. There will be time, in future works, to make general corrections. But you have to make decisions. So I made mine. Here is the lyric. Keep in mind, you don't know the melody. To me it looks kind of funny just sitting there on the page like that. The sentence structure is a little off in places. Must fix that. Anyway:

INTRO: Just now I heard the rattling of a van, Misha
The Mirror Lady told me of your plan
I'll go but you should know it's all in vain
I've never been more sane,
And the Moonlight'll always find me

REFRAIN: Where darkness seeps through corners
Or crawls upon musty walls
Where shadows lurk like mourners
Up and down empty halls
Where no candle light can keep out the night
Threatening my padded room
When darkness blinds me, there you'll find me up on the orange moon

Where silver frosted mountains
Rise to the velvet sky
And powdered sugar fountains
Sparkle in Gemini
There my slice of paradise
Hovers above your room
If you dare confine me, there you'll find me up on the orange moon

OUTRO: No bars, Misha, can bind me
When evening kills the light
With twinkling stars behind me
I'll be riding the back of the Night

...and the piano takes us out. (applause) Please, please, thank you. Oh, no, no. I don't deserve it. Truly I don't. Roses? That's too much really. Oh thank you Ms. Paltrow. Your hotel later? Well...Ahem.

So I welcome any comments or criticisms you may have. (or roses.)