"She Followed Him From Phoenix Down To

CALIFORNIA!" Huzzah! Ahm a comin' home. Did I mention that I'm from California? It's true. Whole goddam seething mess o' libs, freaks, gays, commuters, real estate agents and suburbanites is writhing and squirming down there and I love every last one of 'em! I'm going to kiss the soil when the plane touches down! California means sitting around doing a whole lotta nuthin. But, because it's me, I will not lie idly, nossir. Here are my goals, and I want you to hold me to them:

1. Work on my farmer tan. This permanent tee shirt stain MUST be eradicated. It is the cause of much embarrassment in...ahem...intimate situations during which I would otherwise be taken for a real HASSELHOFF, no mistake.

2. I intend to finish, yes, FINISH, the song page on the Reclinerland website. This means inputting lyrics and making the chord sheets available for download. I've been putting this off all year.

3. Practice the piano! This will happen in a limited capacity however, because practice sessions will be disguised as "browsing" at the local music store where my folks live. Salesmen bedamned!

Anyway, those are the three biggies. Other goals include: lounging, video games, movies, parental love, treks out to the city of San Francisco, parental love, some napping, exploring construction sites in my mom's suburb, walks, and more parental love. See you in a week!