Autumn Good Morning, Summer Good Riddance

It's finally starting to rain, which is a wonderful thing. Too much heat and sun makes yours truly a little grumpy. Summer is officially almost over and we here at the Reclinerland offices couldn't be happier. Our receptionist has started bouncing around the office chattering at the birds outside and clawing the furniture again. Only three weeks ago she was prostrate on the carpet, unable to move because of blazing temperatures. Now she meows "Good riddance you awful, long, sweltering time of year, you." I couldn't agree more. Hello long rainy walks, drizzly mornings, cool evenings listening to the car tires swishing outside the window. Autumn good morning, summer, good night! 

I've been wandering around Portland with my iPod listening to rough mixes. That's really all I've been doing. I'm a boring person these days. After a bit more disappointment in the romance category, I've sworn off women for good (Ha ha) and am confining myself to the bohemian lifestyle of soda pop and song. All I do on the weekends is get up, practice piano, get some writing done on the musical, record or write music for A Common Porno, and keep my fingers crossed that the Parks & Recreation album will be finished sometime soon. Oh, and I also eagerly anticipate Scott Garrett's word about the Ideal Home Music Library mixes. That's when I'm not at work, you see. Weekdays I get home by 4 o'clock from spending time with the kiddies, and then it's hunker down and get to work. Sometimes I go out, but without anyone to really go out with, I just kind of sit in bars and imagine myself in some of those other boys' places. 

So you see, I'm a literal chick repellant. Chicks begone! I'll have no more of you! I forgot to mention that on these long walks of mine, I also kick puppy dogs, push shopping carts into expensive vehicles, climb trees and drop Kool-Aid balloons on hipsters, kick people's crutches out from under them, and fill parmesan cheese dispensers with my dandruff. Ha! Take that, females!

Oops, sorry. This blog is supposed to be about music and the creative process.