Michael Built His House All Spiral

Two posts in a row! Yes, it's true. I was just reading some old posts and I came upon one called "Flat Line" in which I wax philisophocal about Reclinerland hitting the 10-year mark. I'd like to ammend that post here and now. I don't think the shape of my "career" is a flat line anymore. It's more like  a spiral. Ten years ago I started off recording and making songs not knowing what I was doing, and here I am now, in the same situation, only I do know what I'm doing. I'm better at music, I'm more experienced, I have more to say. So you see, we may revisit the same points in our lives, but each time we pass through those points we're on a higher level in some way. So it's more like a spiral. And we keep going up, not down, unless we're on crack or something. But you catch my meaning, don't you? We just go up and up until we're in the ground.

And now, back to work. I'm up late writing since there's no work tomorrow. G'night kids. Sleep tight.