Rough Mix

The Ideal Home Music Library, Volume 2 is in its mixing stage. Scott Gared is doing the mixing, and he's doing a wonderful job. I gave him a sample of all of these albums that I'd love this record to sound like, and he's pretty much nailed it. We've been having fun getting together and laughing about the songs and everything. I thought you might like to hear one of the mixes. This is a rough version of the song All Through The Morning. I chose this mix because it displays Jenny Conlee's piano skills. You can hear her switch deftly back and forth between the loud, stride-style and the soft, tinkly textures in the song. My singing is a little throaty, but that's just the way it goes.

It was challenging for us initially to mix these songs, because we had to make the vocals sound as though they were in the same room as the piano. I think if you close your eyes as you listen, you get the sense that I'm standing there in the crook of the piano. It's nice.

This song was one of the first that I wrote for the collection, I think. I'm not about to sift through all of those old posts to find out, but I think it was. In any case, it's nice to hear it completed after all that hard work. I'm really thrilled. I hope you like it. Feel free to make comments and suggestions.